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Curaleaf THC Concentrate Indica


Provides physical and mental relief; ideal for patients seeking a perfect balance of cerebral and body effect. This balanced blend is suited for anytime use.

  • Strain
  • NA
  • MG
  • 425mg
  • Type
  • Indica
  • Variant
  • THC
  • Strength
  • 85%
  • Form
  • Oral
  • Category
  • Concentrate
  • Effcts
  • Mental relief, perfect balance, cerebral effect

Curaleaf THC Concentrate Indica

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About Curaleaf

At Curaleaf We believe that cannabis is powerful and can help improve lives. We see it every day in our dispensaries and hear the stories from people all over the country. From the military veteran to the senior citizen to the businesswoman or the soccer dad, everyone has a story to share about the positive impact that cannabis has had on their lives.

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